Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weirdness, the Strava addiction and damned headwinds

I hadn't been in much of a blogging mood for a good while, but this ride perked my mood back up to baseline.

I started out heading over to Thick to witness a Weird Bike Ride and to get some new Velcro straps to mount lights on the new helmet. Adam mentioned he's doing Crush the Commonwealth Ride this weekend and it sounds brutal.

I didn't anticipate going on the ride with the Weirdos, but the bikes intrigued me. I finally got to meet Kitaira, which was nice.

I headed off on my own to get some much needed exercise. I ran into new signage near the Eagles' Nest. I also ran into energy-sapping headwinds on the way back after turning around at the Waterfront. They killed me.

I hit a stunning sunset as I crossed over the Hot Metal Bridge.

 The fine work the Earth Day volunteers did yesterday was evident everywhere along the Eliza Furnace Trail. It's amazing, you don't notice how much crap falls off the Parkway until it's pulled out of the shrubs and placed into bags and piles. There was tons of it.

Thank you!

 This work in progress is at Point State Park. Not sure what it's for.

The Strava app that I downloaded to my phone the other day is so addictive, it's not funny.

I mean, look at the route I took around REI for the bathrooms, that is awesome!

Hubby has made a point of telling me I'm pleasant, ebullient and cheery after I've engaged in these two things: a drink and a ride (not together, mind you!). That translates to: "You're a sullen crab the rest of the time."

25 miles total for the day and a lifted mood.

Apparently, headwinds put me into a coma, wow. I can't remember the last time I slept 8 hours.

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