Thursday, April 10, 2014

#30daysofbiking and Fountain Firsties!

Here's some of the #30daysofbiking shots I've taken this week.

An emergency drill takes place at the ballpark

A landslide on Mount Washington.

Our non-profit's banner is up at Point State
Park for our Saturday Fundraiser

 I rode in the AM on  Thursday not knowing they'd be turning on the fountain for the first time this year just as I was riding up to it. FIRST!

I'd planned on riding after work because the weather was so nice. Not far into my ride, I ran into Terry and he turned around to chat as we pedaled aimlessly down to Millvale and back. Very nice of him,  it was nice to talk with the humorous Terry. The trails were packed an we spent much time dodging joggers, cyclists and walkers. We parted ways at Point State Park and I headed, again, aimlessly over to Station Square and beyond.
Beaver damage to trees
Gears and Gears

Wound up passing by OTB and there was a BikePGH! Free Lights table. Mike tried to give me free lights, but I'm pretty set in that department. Mike was very nice and we talked about my issues getting a bike rack at our office building.

I seem to have a smudge on my lens. Hmmphf.

Mike from BikePGH! mans the Free Bike Lights table at OTB
I took East Carson back to 18th Street... just because. I had a trail option, but decided on a different route back. Ah, Traffic Mettle.

I caught some nice shots of the sunset behind the fountain on my way back. I hadn't realized I was out riding for three hours. It felt like I'd just started and I wanted to keep going in the dark.

24 miles on a great but windy day.

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