Thursday, April 3, 2014

Achievements unlocked: Switchback Mastery and Traffic Mettle

Today I tried to sneak in a bit of riding before a baseball game and before rain hit the area. I rode over to REI for some gloves to help alleviate the recent numb fingers issue I'm having. Rode back via Station Square and noticed the Duke Incline cars are decorated with huge Pirates banners. Very cool.

I took my obligatory #30daysofbiking shot under the McCullough bridge after I checked on one of my geocaches.

I met hubby and we did some bird watching at PNC Park.

Dugout box seats #covet
I used the raincape while we got rained on at the game. Felt particularly stylish in houndstooth while everyone else was wearing hideous disposable ponchos or plastic bags. My pannier doubled as my waterproof camera bag. I stayed dry with all my bike gear and bike clothing doubling as game gear. Win!

Noob Achievements:

Switchback Mastery

I'm noticing my downward rolls on switchbacks are getting much better. I don't crash into the outside rail (or anyone coming up the switchback, which nearly happened once) and can even manage to keep the bike in the center. Maybe one day I can make a tight enough turn to keep the bike on the inside?

Traffic Mettle

It dawned on me one day last week that I no longer avoid riding in traffic. I rode the trail to the Strip and had a decision to make: do I return via the trail or take the streets? I chose the streets and I didn't give it a second thought...

I recalled the first few times I rode in traffic:

I was rather anxious. I remember butterflies and actually trembling while stopped at lights with cars. Despite my fear, I forged on. I would be damned if I would let my fear impede my need to travel by bike.

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