Sunday, June 8, 2014

UP Junction Hollow

Sunday I rode after being cooped up in the office all day doing data entry.... just as it was about to rain. I took the raincape and endured a downpour on the South Side Eagle trail. The humidity was atrocious after that. I found that my buff works wonderfully as a humidity-barrier as far as protecting my hair from poofing up.

Rode out to the Waterfront, turned around and headed to Oakland for dinner with Hubby, but not before running into Yale again. He was wearing a "TRAIL MONITOR" shirt, and I imagine he was heading over to the Steel Valley trail where he's a board member.
I headed UP the Junction Hollow/Schenley Park trail for the first time. I anticipated a rough climb, but when I got to the top, I said "That's it? That wasn't too bad!"

I dined with Hubby at his favorite Indian buffet, left in another storm and rode back into town and made my way through the gauntlet of Arts Festival goers.

The raincape selfie

I think I like the sleeveless jersey. Ventilation!

The road grime splatters well in the rain.

An Arts Festival recycling receptacle.

Art Festival Obstacle Course!

This, at the bottom of a hill will cause a crash.

The result of my crash: tis but a scratch.

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