Friday, June 27, 2014

Soldier Ride and Critical Mass in the South Hills

I passed by the Duquesne Incline's parking lot on my morning ride to see preparations for this year's Soldier Ride.

Here's some info I found on last year's ride:

 Critical Mass Ride

I set out after work to attend my first CM ride. I had time to grab a bite at Conflict Kitchen. My choice was rather ironic as we were about to be verbally accosted.

 A group of 9 in total. We rode the foreboding hills of the South. Hills, Hills and more damned Hills. Aggressive drivers shouting obscenities at us reared their ugly heads too.

Some video of unkind drivers (12:12)

The hills, wow. They whooped my ass.  The downhill was awesome though.

Fastest speed recorded, ever.

 I managed to shave a whole 23 seconds off my 18th Street climb. I also did much better on Polish Hill.

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