Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hobbled and the crutch of cycling.

I'd been off the bike for several days traveling by car to see family. Seeing some of them debilitated by age and infirm, seeing them in pain and learning that half the family refused to show up to the event due due to minor squabbles in our dysfunctional family saddened me. It was good to see relatives I'd not seen in years and speak with them despite these issues.

I like to do two things as a passenger in a car. Sleep and read.

In the book I'm currently reading, a line jumped out at me as if the page's corner had been folded and the sentence highlighted:

"This hobble of being alive is rather serious, don’t you think so?"

I tallied my life's worries and regrets. For all the time I spend tormented by them, they were surprisingly commonplace in the grand scheme of Humanity's misery. I took note of the form my crutches took to combat the Hobble. Today the crutch takes the form of getting lost on the bike. I can temporarily erase a nagging negative thought or physical annoyance. It was physically and mentally relaxing and I found strength in it. It was my fourth day without a ride to bring me any serenity and long overdue.

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