Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Whiskey, wings and a belly full of mulberries

Last week, Marko reminded me on the Phat Tuesday ride while we were riding along the Eliza Furnace trail that there were lots of mulberry bushes. I hadn't picked wild mulberries since I was a kid tromping around the swamp that is known as Heinz Wildlife Refuge. This was the neighborhood kids' refuge too, it was a place adults wouldn't follow kids. It was ours. So many memories…. But I digress.

I had plenty of time this morning and rode out on the EFT and became ravenous. Seeing that the berry bushes were ripe, triggered by Marko's berry conversation and Vannevar's blogpost about #foragneuring, I stopped and had breakfast.
Free, organic mulberries! Life is good.

In the evening, I was free to ride after work. I headed over to the South Side and was pleased to find they've repaired the crumbling sections of the walkway at Station Square where cyclists are known to wipe out.

I dined at OTB where I succumbed to whiskey and seitan wings again. It's the only thing I've ever ordered there. Why can't I try something different?

Along the South Side trail I noted many more mulberry bushes. A cyclist coming in the opposite direction stopped in front of one as I approached and acted as if he was waiting for me to pass before he would start picking berries. I said "Go for it, they're delicious." He just smiled and reached for the branches.

Further down the trail, I too stopped and had a few berries of my own.

Made it out to the Waterfront, used the facilities at Barnes and Noble and reversed and snacked yet again.

 32 miles and I made it home just before a nasty line of thunderstorms made it's way through.

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