Saturday, December 7, 2013

The red-headed step bicycle

Meet "The Bike That I Hate". She doesn't have headlamps, blinkies, a cellphone holder or a basket with yarn adornments that her rider spent hours painstakingly weaving into it. She has a bell and a rack though, and she should be happy for that.

Every time I ride The Bike That I Hate, I return with an issue. I adjust my seat, but it still feels awkward and uncomfortable. Today, I adjusted the height of the nose of the seat and threw her up on the rack preparing for a local trail ride before the snow hits tomorrow. Maybe this will do the trick. I do love her shifters and drive train though. Smoooth. If I could rip the shifters and drive train off of TBTIH and slap them on The Lilac Monster, I'd be a happy woman. TLM makes some hideous noises when shifting. I cringe when I shift gears. Any other cyclist within earshot does too: I'm betting they say "I hear the broken".

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