Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bike MS- Escape to the Lake

This is my employer's major fundraiser, a 2-day 150 mile bike ride from the Pittsburgh area up to Lake Erie with an over night in Meadville or Edinboro. This year I was given a new task that I'd never been asked to do in previous years: Team photographer! Well, secondary team photographer. Sometimes, the teams' photos aren't wrapped up before the photographer needs to run to the start line and get shots there as they let the first waves out. So, I was needed to finish the teams off. Normally, I'd be filing waivers, which caused an enormous crick in my neck from two hours of tilting my head to one side to look at the rider numbers on each waiver. Very boring, tedious and painful work that didn't allow me to even glance up at the cyclists. I actually had to fill out an 'injury report' because I couldn't move my neck one year after a morning of waiver filing. Wow.

This year, I actually KNEW some of the riders and was delighted I'd get a chance to interact with them. Oh joy!

I might need a zen mantra too if I were riding
150 miles in *JEANS*.

Team Thick Bikes!

After a long day, I was able to get over to Point State Park for the 'I Heart My Bike' theft prevention program with Bike PGH!
They record your bike's serial number and vital info with a photo of you and your trusty steed in case it gets stolen.

It also makes an awesome Facebook profile picture.

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