Monday, June 2, 2014

Tangents, jerks, saddle sores and flobby arms

I rode over to the Strip in the morning to re-stock my fruit baskets.
Long-winded fruit/food tangent commences:
I went nuts with the pears and got 3 different types. I've really developed a taste for pears in the past year; prior to that, I wanted nothing to do with pears. I'm weird that way. Hubby is always commenting about my proclivity to add new and exciting things to my list of things that I like to eat and drink. I'm adventurous that way. I love spicy things, horseradishes, odd relishes. I even developed a love of whiskey recently thanks to Terry.
Yeah, I know... pears aren't all that spicy or adventurous, but it freaks Hubby out: "Hey, I like pears now." "But, I've never seen you eat a pear in all the years we've been together." "Yep, I like pears. Find me pears."
Hubby does most of the grocery shopping, loves to bake... and I fix the toilets, hook up the DVD player, computers and maintain my own bike. We have a bit of role reversal going on there.
Tangent over. You're welcome.

I had some issues with motorists though:

WTF, dude?

Not cool, Massachusetts plate #585 VC7!


This happens to me every time I try to cross or observe other pedestrians trying to get across this intersection.

OK, I'm not sure if he IS in fact, going through a red light, but he's failing to yield!

I need to study the lights being given to traffic more closely. I wonder if they're getting a red arrow, or just a yellow arrow? Either way, traffic constantly fails to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk who have the walk signal. This would make a perfect intersection for a sting to net the scofflaws endangering pedestrians.


*tap**tap* Is this thing on? *tap**tap*

Officer nods and returns my morning greeting.
On my lunch hour I happened upon the work of a riverbank cleanup! Thank you volunteers!

So many tires!


A Farewell to (covered) Arms

For some time after my weight loss, I've been self conscious of my upper arms. I don't like baring them; I've got an extra-skin-issue there in addition to other places. Wearing sleeveless things was something I shied away from. I needed to cover my wrinkly flying squirrel arms. However, ever since I've been working out my arms, a temptation to go sleeveless grew and now that I ride more I'd like to ventilate as much as possible.
Yesterday, I rode in a sleeveless shirt and it felt great. After stopping at REI and finding sleeveless jerseys on the clearance rack, I said: "Screw it, I don't care if someone's eyes widen when I lift my arm."
Yes, I have flobby arms! Deal with it!


Saddle, Sore.

This was an evening seminar taking place at the new Kindred Cycles shop in the Strip.
I left after work and had time to kill before the class started. I needed food. Dinner? Where to go? The seminar was taking place at 25th and Penn, so many restaurants there! I decided on Salem's Market and Grill at 28th and Penn. I actually used to work in this very building... from 1992 to 2002. I spent many, many hours there. It's very odd to see a photofinishing factory converted into a market and cafeteria.
The building itself is wrapped in wonderful mural artwork.

When you get inside, there's the market on one side... this part of the building used to house giant paper and film developing tank machines and darkrooms. The cafeteria area contained offices and the cutting floor where all the prints were cut from large rolls of paper and matched up with their negatives.

My office was where a Good Humor ice cream freezer now sits

I got the falafel and smothered it in Cock Sauce.
I love, love, love Sriracha. The Oatmeal has an entire section for The Cock Sauce's devoted ones.

We're THAT serious about our Cock Sauce.

Whooops, another tangent about food. Sorry.

On there way there I encountered TWO MORE jagoff motorists!

Another failure to yield at the SAME intersection:

I'm in my brand new Beemer, I can't be bothered to yield!

And a right hook close call:

I see this one coming and slow down.

He's getting an earful from me at this point.

You, sir... are a jerk.

I went off on another tangent, didn't I? Yeah, sorry about that.


OK, so the seminar was great. This new bike shop is located in a gorgeous old restored building. They mainly sell Kona brand bikes. The couple that runs it is awesome. They provided beverages of all sorts. I had some Cabernet. 
Ms Hurford spoke mainly about preventing saddle sores... something I've not yet experienced and don't plan to. Chamois care and feeding, monthly issues, pregnancy, etc... I learned a few things about chamois care: too much soap is bad and to wash bike shorts inside out. 
Also, don't hang out in your sweaty bike shorts for hours after riding. Take 'em off. Well, change into something else... I mean... don't go nekkid

Stuff I already knew and adhere to:


After reading her book, I see this is written from a racer's perspective and not geared (PUN!) towards a commuting or touring cyclist. Still, very helpful information in the book for all cyclists. There's a section on tampon use, which is suggested for racing cyclists and to tuck the string properly as to reduce 'rope burn'. I, on the other hand highly recommend a menstrual cup. You can go hours and hours without bothering with it. You just need to find a bathroom with soap and running water, which might prove difficult on some routes. I got one within the past year and wish I had started using it years ago. I love it and using it while cycling is a dream because generally, you spent less time messing with it. You only need to change it 2 times a day, maybe 3 or 4 on that heavy day. I don't worry about anything while it's in. The menstrual cup manufacturers have 2 sizes: one for those who have never given birth or under 40. The other size (the larger one) is for those who have given birth vaginally or are over 40. I had a dilemma when I read that and had to decide on a size. Sorry, but I refuse to believe that just because I'm over 40 that my vagina has become so stretched out... I mean, baby-head width? NO! I went with the smaller size and I'm thankful I did, it would not have fit properly had I chosen the larger size.

On the whole, a good experience. I'm very glad I went.

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