Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chrissy's Phat Tuesday Ride: Impromptu and Spontaneous

I had another free evening and decided to head over to Oakland to snag a photo for Tag-o-Rama, I had debated going to a Fundamentals of City Cycling class at the Wheel Mill, but not being the slightest but familiar with that part of town, I decided against it.

On the way to Oakland, Marko and I ran into one another and he said he was going to the Thick Bikes Tuesday night group ride.
That sounded much better and I changed my plans. It was a small group, but it included a tandem, which is always awesome. There was Chrissy leading, myself, Marko, PaulB, Dan who I'd never met before and the tandem couple Ann and Kevin. They rode on the MS150 so we made nice conversation about that.
I warned Chrissy that I was slow up hills, but didn't mind them. She didn't have a route planned and we just sort of 'rode around', which none of us minded either. I think I may have been the oldest rider… oh, that hurt when it sunk in. I had to work to not lag behind, they were averaging 13-14 MPH

We rode up through Junction Hollow, snuck through CMU, and then up and around the Golf Course ...and there was the back down part: wheeeeee!

Another group ride was passing us in the opposite direction.

Marko poses nicely with Chrissy and I ruin the shot with my finger.

A wonderful evening, the thunderstorms that were predicted never materialized. 20 miles, 27 total for the day.

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