Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another first... the Eliza Furnace trail

This was my reward for a 10.8 mile ride, a stunning view of Dahntahn... that and some seitan wings. I took the Eliza Furnace/GAP trail there instead of my normal route via the trails by Station Square, which is an avoidance of riding in traffic Dahntahn. I still don't know how to efficiently traverse the streets from Point State park to the trailhead at First Ave. I can't wait for the Park/GAP connector to be finished.
I nommed on my wings and cole slaw, wishing I'd had Hubby with me. Eating alone in a restaurant can be awkward. I'm still working on getting the Mister on a bike of his own, but I wonder how much of a menace he'd be on the trails. I scold him constantly for walking on the wrong side of the trail "You're going to get someone hurt doing that!". He'll step off to the left on a trail and not bother to look behind him first to see if someone is coming up behind him. "That's like changing lanes on a road without signaling or looking in your rearview mirror!" It doesn't sink in. Imagine him on a bike. Yikes.
I made it back to the North Shore just as a Pitt football game had ended, holy cow! People, everywhere! Drunken hordes of football fans hogging the entire width of the trail! I aborted the trail and took to the roads, now full of drunken footballs fans in cars and busloads of drunken college students. I made it back, now tired from my ride and boy, do I need a drink.

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