Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soup is good food.

Yaaa! Soupaneuring is coming! I like soup.  I love making it from scratch, broth and all, so I'm thankful for rule 2c. You see, I'm MSG intolerant/sensitive/allergic, so eating soup (and many other things) in restaurants just might put me in the ER. Yeah, I'm one of those total PITAs asking the waitstaff all about the ingredients in dishes.
Lentil, veggie, noodles, daal, miso! Mmmm, soup. Last year, I made a big batch of snert or erwtensoep. Yes, SNERT. Snert is a fun word. It's a fun soup too, it uses pigs' feet.

Here's one of the fun things you can do with pigs' feet:

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