Monday, November 25, 2013

Is it cold enough for yinz?

I attempted to do some cycling this morning with temps in the teens. I used the same layering I had on Saturday when it was around 30 degrees. I got about a half mile before I realized that my ears were not protected at all. They were screaming at me. I'll add a hooded windbreaker on my lunchtime ride and see how they fare. For now, I'll settle into my workday with tingly ears and a warm bowl of quinoa pumpkin almond raisin oatmeal.

There's an added benefit with wearing 3 thin layers of tight stretchy material: they act as if they were some compression-type girdle Spanx garment. I'm keenly aware of much flatter abs. I feel like I just did 200 crunches. Maybe no one  knows there's middle-aged flab hiding under there?

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