Saturday, November 23, 2013

Curses! Foiled!

I started out late in the day after working Saturday morning... about 3PM and left with no particular route in mind, I just wanted to get out in the cold and pedal around, testing the triple layering I'd dressed in. I took the Ft Duke/Pitt bridges over to Station square and ran into this bit or rudeness:


Then I stopped and attempted to locate a geocache.

Is it under there?

 No. How about under there?

I never did locate it. Curses, foiled again.
Stupid geocache.

Then, I happened upon this:

It's rather odd to see police cars on the bike path. I think someone was having mental health issues, so I didn't gawk too much.

Further down the path, my bladder started pestering me. 

Great, a port-o-potty! Hey, there's music coming from the SUV parked next to it in this desolate park. *spidey senses start tingling* I glance in the driver's seat to see just how dangerous a situation this might be, and sure enough, I'm interrupting a wanking session. Maybe he was getting a BJ, I dunno... I only saw enough to know I'd crashed some private party. I went right on past and FAST. My bladder would just have to wait. Curses, foiled *again*.

Further down, I fully expected the path to lead me to the Hot Metal bridge, but much to my frustration, there was orange plastic fencing and "KEEP OUT" signs at the Riverfront park "Closed for Season" they said, and I had to turn around. Curses! Foiled AGAIN!

By the time I got back to the port-o-john, creepy guy had left, which made my bladder very happy. I tried to find the Hot Metal by taking East Carson, but by now it had started snowing like crazy, I was caked in snow and thankful I'd worn my goggles as the snow was hitting me in big golf ball sized globs. Visibility was poor, can drivers see me? Had I passed the bridge? @)##%*I@)(*!!  
Nervous Nelly that I am, I went back to the safety and familiarity of the trail. Will I ever learn my way around this city via bike?

I took the Smithfield bridge back into town and back to base. My layers worked wonderfully and only my fingers and toes got a bit numb in the hour and 45 minute trip. It wasn't until I'd changed back into my street clothes and walked out to my car that I realized how dang cold it was outside.

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