Monday, November 11, 2013

I finally patronize the Enrico Biscotti Company

Coffeeneuring trip #6
6.6 miles
Enrico Biscotti Company

Forced to take surface streets to the Strip as the trail there is under construction until Feb. Took a wrong turn as I'm not used to taking roads over there. I backtracked to Smallman instead of walking my bike down a one-way street.
I steered clear of this place because 'biscotti' frightens me: what if it tastes like anise? Yuck, I hate anise ever since an unfortunate episode with Jagermeister early in my life. *shudder* The kind woman behind the counter assured me there were many varieties anise-free. I picked up an oatmeal raisin pecan biscotti in the bakery, but had to go next door for the coffee. An odd place... one of the bakers pleasantly stopped his work to help me and wasn't even sure how much to charge for a mug refill. He decided $1.50 was fair and I told him to keep the .50 change due to his pleasant nature.

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