Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small, barely detectable ways.

Yesterday, I'd stopped listening to the negative voice in my head that said I shouldn't take E and S up on their offer to let me ride with them. The voice told me I'd just be the clueless noob that was slowing them down. So I asked if I could tag along on a ride, and these generous folks obliged.

S took us to an amazing mural tucked away in Lawrenceville.

E suggested a trip through Allegheny Cemetery. I've always wanted to go there. It's one of those places in Pittsburgh that every Pittsburgher should visit and I had been a bad Pittsburgher for far too long.
I could spend hours with the camera there. I did get these shots of a Civil War memorial.

After we left this stern maiden, there was a hill. A long hill. I had no idea where it would end, it seemed to keep going forever. I was struggling and just wanted to get off the bike and walk it as I had so many times as that tubby kid in Norwood unable to get up Seneca hill on her 3 speed. Another one of those voices in the back of my head started yelling at me with a bullhorn in drill sergeant fashion. She didn't say nice things and I think I heard her drop the f bomb. However, she got me up the hill. I was winded and slightly embarrassed by my lack of stamina; I dare to whine about this on the day of the Dirty Dozen.

I think I did as well as any noob might, I did miss a hand signal and caused E to endanger himself to get me herded safely across a lane. I also ride in the door zone far too much. I need to knock that nonsense off.
I also took note of my escorts' keen eye for dangers along the way, such as traffic control boxes that one might ride into and drainage holes and potholes. They silently pointed to them.

So, I learned much and made new generous friends, including meeting someone they'd stopped to see in Oakland for gadgetry goodies.

19 miles, a new record. A new, higher bar has been set.

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YTD Miles: 448
Today's BMI: 27.4

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