Friday, January 24, 2014

Gloves, gloves and more gloves.

It's been over a week since I've been able to ride and I was desperate to figure out a cold fingers dilemma. Today it was zero degrees for a morning ride. With 3 layers, I was able to go for a 24 minute ride before my fingers told me they'd had enough. Not bad, I suppose.

I wore two layers of liners and one giant pair of Hubby's gloves over them. I brought in a variety of our gloves to test out, trying a cheap and dirty method of getting around buying a super-expensive pair of mittens. No doubt, if I do spring for a pair, the weather will improve by the time they arrive.

I think between the two of us we have too many gloves, none
of which can keep my fingers toasty with minus windchills.

One of my co-workers took these shots of me as I headed out in the afternoon (4 degrees) because she thinks I look like an alien. I do, actually.


Do these gloves make me look phat?

Our Google Supreme Overlords informed me that I would like an animated .gif of the shots. Freaky.

I rode down to PNC Park on this glorious sunny day and got a shot of the snow-covered yard.

I rinsed off the salty drivetrain this time with water with the assumption that the salt was damaging the components.

2014 YTD Miles: 140
BMI: 25.7

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