Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rule #9 might be the DumbAss Rule.

Almost 11 hours later, my fingertips still feel weird... numb I suppose is the word to describe them. I've found my Achilles heel when it comes to riding in brutally cold temperatures: keeping my fingers warm. I've mastered keeping everything else nice and toasty and free of frostbite.

I went out for a ride before work when it was 8 above zero, stayed out in those conditions for an hour. I stopped twice to stick my hands inside my layers and warm my screaming fingers. I continued once they warmed up. When I got back to the loading dock to lock my bike back up, my fingers began to ache and throb intensely. Holy crap, that hurt. I paced back and forth in the bike rack room flinging my arms around and rubbing my hands trying to get the blood flowing to them again. After a few minutes of this, the intense pain went away, but I'm still left with numb fingertips.

Wow, I was wearing liners and thick lobster gloves and I still managed to get a mild case of frostbite? I now have a healthy respect of severe cold. That's not stuff to screw around with. Looks like my tolerance level for long rides in the cold is about 20 degrees.

A fellow cyclist over at Twitter suggested circulatory issues are to blame.

The rivers are chunky style.
The Lands' End boots kicked ass though, no cold toes, no toe warmers needed. I'm completely head over heels (pun intended) in love with my boots.

Thankfully, the days ahead are promising better, more hospitable riding weather.

2014 YTD Miles: 50
BMI: 25.3

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  1. Hey, any story that starts with I went out for an hour-long ride when it was 8 above zero... Please be careful out there. Hard blogging if you lose your fingertips.


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