Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yielding to Hula-Hoopers

Rode out to REI on Saturday, a gorgeous day in the high 30's and picked up a sorely need pair of glove liners. I was not letting cold fingers deter me from riding again. I also 'found' a pair of boots that hubby bought for me many Christmases ago and I let sit virtually unused in my closet since. It turns out they are incredibly warm, dry and suitable for riding. No toe warmers needed with these boots, even in single digit temps!

I'm noticing graffiti on ped-xing signs around the city. Pedestrians with wings and hula-hooping ones too. I'll have to look closely for more. DB also told me about the mysterious 'Protractors' all about the city during our conversation the other day. I noticed one on the Hot Metal Bridge today. I may have to start snapping shots of those too.

Stopped in Point State Park, just because.

Bike pittsburgh

When I got back home, this was waiting for me:

Thanks, Mary!

2014 YTD Miles: 43.5
BMI: 25.3

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