Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bruises and sweets

Vannevar invited me on a ride out to Oakmont Bakery, this interested my husband more than anything. He loves sweets from exceptional bakeries, and this was an exceptional bakery. Among the troupe were S, Yale C and Rusty.
The hour he suggested we meet was ungodly early. This was a good thing though, we were able to wrap up early.

It was dark on the way to the trailhead.

I decided to forsake the gravely trail and took to the street that ran parallel to the trail. There, I met with a set of railroad tracks, didn't ride over them properly and went down hard on my left arm when the wheel slipped into the tracks. I got up slowly, testing my arm and shoulder because I heard a snap when I hit the asphalt. Nothing felt broken or out of their sockets. Maybe the snap was just my snap-crackle-pop prone neck? I knew I'd have a nice mark on my arm though. It swelled up considerably by the time we got to the bakery and had a nice blue shade.

Hubby will tell me "I told you so" if he hears about this!
Looks like these tracks used to serve the Heinz plant
Damn you, wet railroad tracks!

I got hubby a small burnt almond torte... that's his favorite. I had a heck of a time deciding what to get for him... there were so many wonderful choices! I almost got a tiramisu too. I considered some bacon cupcakes for me, but I restrained myself.

On the way back, S got a flat. This was her 3rd in the past month. I watched her working in the hopes I'd learn something useful.

The fix-it DIY repair station in front of the Bike Pittsburgh offices.

My knee also got very angry on the way back. I was limping and pedaling with one leg by the end of the trip. I'm icing it now and plan on soaking all of today's injuries in alcohol.

A very good time was had in spite of my agony and I got to know all these wonderful folks a bit better. 32 miles logged. I'm not sure that I'll be able to break this record for a while.

2014 YTD Miles: 113
BMI: 25.3

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