Friday, January 3, 2014

"Metal? ICK! Ahhh" and CLINT HURDLE!

I had some maintenance I needed to do, there was a horrid cringe-inducing metal-on-metal scraping noise whenever I tried to use my rear brakes. Off to the interwebs to learn how to fix this issue. I find YouTube invaluable for this stuff: things I've never done before. I was able to learn from such videos the finesse required to remove and reattach a chain link with a breaker tool and changing the flapper valves in our toilets.

I spent a good week or so using only my front brakes but decided this was the day I needed to carve out a few minutes of my lunch hour to take the brakepads off and clean them. My hands got all icky and black from working in there.

Both rear breakpads had metal shards embedded in them.

 Ruby sounds soooo much better. I let out an audible "ahhhhh." when I re-installed the brakepads and tested them. I still have an annoying rubbing noise though.

My Dad would be proud.

A Brush with Greatness

Friday was frigid an snowy, schools and our office closed shop, but not before myself and another employee were already there and working. The two of us decided to stay and tough it out.

On my lunch hour, I went out into 11 degree temps, the trails were treacherous again so I used the salted and plowed roads. I got to PNC Park and my fingers were in a lot of pain, I was frustrated that I hadn't gotten very far before deciding to turn back.

Then I noticed Clint Hurdle walking up to the Pirates Office doors.  
Oh. Mah. Gawd.
I called out a "Good Morning, Sir!" to him and waved as I rode by. (DOH, it was early afternoon!!)
He called back, "How ya doin'? Love the helmet! Atta girl!"
Clearly, the "Atta girl!" was because he was in complete awe of my bad-assery.
I'm actually surprised he could tell I was a female under all those layers, gloves, gaiter, eye-protection, etc...

Oh, and I had the camera rolling too!

Go ahead and berate me for riding on the sidewalk. I'm naughty, I know.

Soupaneuring 6


When I got back to my desk, I enjoyed some homemade beet soup with yogurt. Not bad.

 I almost forgot to document it being so excited by the Clint Hurdle exchange!

2014 YTD Miles: 31.5
BMI: 25.3 

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  1. I would like to give you props and say thank you, this post inspired me to change my own brake pads today which I have never done before. I followed your advice - watched two YouTube video's, asked the guy at REI if there were any tricks, and it went smoothly. Assuming the bike doesn't explode on first application of the brakes tomorrow, I am now a brake-adjustier. thank you very much. (and yes, I'm sure your Dad is proud). V.


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