Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ruby goes to the hospital/Viking prep

The Bike Hospital, that is. I dropped her off at Thick Bikes on Thursday to have the wrenches figure out why the chain was skipping and generally, making bad noises that no bike should make. I left her there for a few days while they gave her a new cassette, chain and general tune-up. I also asked to have a double kickstand and computer installed. I could pick her up on Tuesday. This proved to be a good time as I'd not be able to ride due to appointments, obligations and weekend wind chills in the single digits.

In the meantime, I looked for ways to decorate my helmet for the upcoming Viking Biking ride.

I had an old plastic Viking helmet lying around the house. Not a typo. I also have fake brains and a severed arm in the 'box of weirdness' we have in the spare room. You never know when you'll need a rubber severed arm.

I took the horns off the Viking helmet and velcroed them onto the bike helmet. They just looked like devil horns: not the look I was going for.


After examination, I decided the horns needed to be lower.

Much more Viking-y.      The P is for 'PILLAGE'
I suckered Hubby into stopping at Goodwill (OK, I didn't have to twist his arm very much) to see if I could find any furry items that I could disembowel and add as trim to the helmet. I found a brand new faux fur jacket with the tags still on it and a child's toy armor breastplate with a dragon on the front. 

Hubby just shakes his head at me.

2014 YTD Miles: 133
BMI: 25.5

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