Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Be safe out there." and the final Soupaneuring

Thursday, 1/9/13 I learned that my personal trainer/massage therapist is moving out of state. This disturbs me greatly. I think I've employed her for 4 years now. We've been through a lot: once, my knee dislocated during one of our sessions. She knows exactly how my piriformis and IT band needs to be massaged on my angry leg. I've tried other massage therapists, but they didn't have her expertise or willingness to bring me to tears and wince in agony with that 'hurt so good' sort of pain.

On Friday I had enough time before work to ride into the Strip for produce and such. The trails were still crap and I took streets the entire route. I stopped at PennMac and a baby Swiss caught my eye. I never seem to be there at the right time to be called "Dearheart" by Carol. It's frustrating. I've lived here for a quarter century, and have not yet had this honor.

Someday, Carol. Someday
I had a young woman with a funky hairstyle wait on me instead. As she handed me the cheese, she told me "Be safe out there." This was the best sendoff I could have asked for. I still had my blinking helmet on and I was hi-vized out the wazoo. It was rather evident that safety was a concern of mine. Was she a cyclist too?

On my lunch hour, the ride was much more pleasant. The trails had almost no ice on them and cyclists, joggers and walkers were out in droves as if it were Spring! The rapidly increasing temperatures were melting everything.

I'm messing with Photoshop's Panorama Merge and compiled this shot from several taken on the Fort Pitt Bridge.
I should try this again then the skies aren't so gloomy.

While I was up in the bridge taking those shots, I noticed Yale C riding down at the Point and waved a hello at him when I passed by.

The wild swing in weather also meant that my joints were going to become angry. Sure enough, by dinnertime I was tempted to dig out some ibuprofen but chose to use more natural methods of dealing with the pain: soaking them in alcohol. I chose a cabernet.

Saturday January 11th

I was able to work from home with a borrowed laptop this morning. Working in my jammies with the distractions of a dog on my lap and the other two dogs continually giving me a toy to throw/fetch is a much better work environment.

Afterwards, a ride in the rain was in order. I had several stops to make, I wanted to check out some bags at the Downtown Army/Navy store, but they didn't have what I was looking for. On to lunch at Smallman Street Deli for the final trip in the Soupaneuring Challenge. I was glad to learn the matzo ball broth was MSG-free!

While I ate, the rain started letting up. I traveled down to Lotus and picked up some much-needed soy sauce and then over to another market where I found organic kale and some parsley. The kale wouldn't fit in my basket without poking out like a giant green floral arrangement. Several other shoppers commented on my cape and helmet. It's apparent that I'm quite the freakshow. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

On my way back through downtown, they were dis-assembling the Horne's Christmas tree. Yes, I'm always going to call it the Horne's tree even though Horne's hasn't occupied that building in well over a decade.

When I got home, a delivery of ski-goggles was waiting for me. I saw so many other cyclists wearing them at Icycle Bicycle and had S's glowing endorsement of them. I was tired of my glasses fogging up in the cold when I wore a gaiter. I managed to score an insanely cheap eBay find and figured what the heck. I think I'm going to like these.

2014 YTD Miles: 81.5
BMI: 25.3

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