Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bike to the Ballpark (now with valet service!)

This was a special event hosted by the Pirates and BikePGH!

A portion of ticket sales would be donated to  BikePGH! and cyclists managed to fill 2 sections of PNC park. BikePGH and thier volunteers set up a bike valet area where you could leave your bike and helmet and not worry about removing everything that wasn't bolted to your bike for fear if it being stolen.
It was nice to not find peanut shells in my helmet at the end of the night as I normally do.
The Pirates treated everyone with a 'Bike' ticket to a free adult beverage. OMG, it was a 24 ounce beverage too! Our eyes widened when the bartender handed us our drinks.

Marko's bike gets spirited away by one of our awesome volunteers.

WPXI took interest
"Bike me out to the ballgame!"
It sure would be nice to have a valet service on a regular basis. I'd pay a few bucks for that if it went to a charity.

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