Friday, September 18, 2015

(Park)ing Day 2015 and Flock

First, some videos of annoying and dangerous drivers:

The city has beefed up police patrols along the problematic Melwood Ave to keep speeding down. This is a good thing, however, if the police are going to pass me within 2 feet, how is this an increase in safety? *sigh*
I would have quickly pulled over out of his way if he had his lights on and given me a quick 'woop' of the siren.

This idiot had TWO opportunities to bail on this narrow alley (Spring Way) and get onto a street with a 25 or 35 MPH limit, but they stay behind a cyclist going 10MPH. WHY? I deliberate slowed down after the tailgating became obnoxious and waved and "Hello!"-ed them when the driver beeped at me. An alley is not a freeway!

 (Park)ing Day!
Salty had arranged for the group to meet at Dippy and we'd make the rounds all over the city to check out most of the Park-ing spots, some were non-existent, some were elaborate, some weren't even set up yet! Either way, we had fun hanging out and riding around the city on a beautiful day.

Video of Marko and K swimming in the Water space in Lawrenceville:

 Photos in no particular order:

Marko chalk-outlines a 'dead' K

Mayor Salty

An interactive weaving loom at the Center for Contemporary Arts

Real grass at the Western PA Conservancy space

The Acro-Cats!

One driver attempted to back into our group. Brilliant.

Later in the day, after we'd spent a few hours at OTB resting, eating, talking and imbibing, we took part in Flock! It was calm and uneventful, just the way I like it. Some kids and a dog in a trailer joined us!
At one point in East Liberty, a youngster ran along with us, sharing in the joy.

I heard nothing Lucia said due to the shirtless trapeze guys in the background.

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