Sunday, September 6, 2015

Helmet camera and traffic calming

Trying to free up some real estate on my handlebars, I took the plunge and used one of the helmet mounts for the front-facing Contour Roam camera. It brings a whole new perspective to the video captured: It's very clear when I take a look over my shoulder to see what's behind me.

Disgusted with the helmet-cam look, don't I look dorky enough already?

Crumbling cement: fixed! Thanks, Penndot!

There's extraordinary problems in my neighborhood because a major artery is shut down and everyone is using this extremely narrow street as an unofficial detour. Two cars cannot fit along this street, one must yield to oncoming traffic. Usually, everyone is very accommodating to fellow drivers and cyclists, but not since the shutdown of Bigelow Blvd. Residents' cars parked along the streets have taken much damage.

In this video, a car follows me down Gold Way and Melwood. She tries to pass me on a very winding section where I'm doing a 20 MPH downhill, very dangerous. Then at the 2 minute mark you can hear her yelling "Get off of the road!" at me.

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  1. I think, you need another camera pointing back on the other side of your helmet. Just for simmetry... As a by side ptoduct of you new look you can attend the Viking ride without any costume... :)


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