Wednesday, September 16, 2015

That day, when I started hating the cycletrack

Each time I had an inbound encounter with a inattentive driver, nearly left-hooking me in the Penn Ave bike lane, I saw more clearly how this cycletrack was poorly designed.

I feel safer out on Liberty with two lanes and more attentive pedestrians, or on Smallman where I'm not conflicting with left-turning traffic.
Both inbound cyclists going straight and left-turning motorists intuitively feel they have the right-of-way. This bit of infrastructure: It's designed to fail. It's failed me, I don't feel safe in it. I loved seeing it being created, but now I hate using it.

I don't mind riding the Penn Ave bike lane outbound where left-turning cars can SEE me and will yield to my right-of-way.

Today was the day I decided to change my inbound commute and avoid this stretch of road like the plague, I don't feel safe on it and I hate constantly yelling at and arguing with motorists...

Today was the day that I stopped in front of a minivan and yelled at the driver to put down her phone and pay attention to where she was going. Then a police officer with a cup of coffee in hand walked up to us and told ME that I was blocking traffic and to move along.
Incredible. A public SAFETY officer is more concerned with chiding me for delaying the woman steering a 2 ton minivan through a crosswalk of people while talking on a cellphone.

Today was the day that I became an extra level of jaded; disgusted with the way cyclists are treated by motorists and now the police.

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