Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stop Killing Cyclists, The Tweed Ride and Pile Up

There's a section of PA Bicycle route A that runs along Route 51 in Beaver County just North of Pittsburgh. Three cyclists have died there in the past 2 years, hit by motorists. None of them have been charged with a crime or even negligence.
This stretch of road has a 45 MPH limit but the ambient speed is higher. Why is this road an 'official bike route"?

Today the Ohio River Trail Council hosted a memorial ride for Art Bell the most recent fatality along this road. Ed Q again organized this ride and it was well planned and went smoothly. The police presence was comforting. Kudos to everyone.
If/when I expire riding my bike, I'd be honored to have a memorial as touching as these have been.

The media showed up, which is nice and well-deserved.


Later in the day, we were fortunate to have a non-morose bike event: The Tweed Ride!

I always enjoy a costume-themed ride. I brought my British Teeth.

Group photo!

The Royal Wave

Tweed injuries:
on his way to the start, Drew took a nasty tumble when one of his water bottles dislodged from the cage and jammed in the spokes of his back wheel.

Then, later in the ride, this happened:

This is the second fall I've had on this bike and it's not even 2 weeks old. I hope I don't have to re-name it 'Doomer'.
I almost decided to not wear my helmet because it might interfere with the whole tweed-theme. So happy I protected my noggin. 
Everything tightened up about 20 minutes after the cyclist pile up and I had to bail on the last part of the ride, my right arm wasn't working so well.

Note(s) to self: stop falling off your bike.
Also: get this shirt.

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