Monday, September 7, 2015

High Rollers, Slow Rollers and Angry Rollers

I finally got my "I Heart My Bike" photo taken with Fizz. I'm not all that pleased with it. A: I'm not looking my best and B: half the bike was cut off!
Oh well.

Marko and I met at Point State Park with the plan of getting some riding in before tonight's Slow Roll group ride.

I found him in a state of unconsciousness at the park and stealthily got the obligatory Bike Nap Photo.

Stalking my prey
I'm jealous of the Bike Nappers. I cannot fall asleep in a public space. I fear the opportunistic thief who'll take advantage of my state and make off with my bike. If I feel safe, I can fall asleep in an instant. I can nap like a champ in the passenger side of a moving car.
Also an impediment to my napping in the grass: BUGS IN MY HAIR!

I think Marko's rather sadistic. He gets this evil look in his eyes and wicked grin when suggesting places to ride: they all involve long climbs.
I did a bit of whining about the hill to get up to the West End Overlook, but the view was well worth it. I don't think I've been to the WEO since the early 90's. It's always nice to ride a bike to new and different places, so I have to give Marko credit for being an awesome tour guide.

On the way there, we had close passes from a both a motorcycle and a pickup truck driver who was yelling unintelligible things at us.


I can see both my workplace AND my apartment from up here!

Then we took the Liberty Bridge, fabulous view from up there!


To get down from the bridge's sidewalk, you have to carry your bike down a set of steps. I was able to s-l-o-w-l-y carry the bike down the first flight before he came back up and carried my bike down the remaining flight for me.
Chivalry's not dead with Marko around.

Then, with still more time to kill, he took us down the Second Ave sidewalk to see the view of the river from there. So much glass and gravel on the sidewalk!

Then in the evening, we attended the Slow Roll ride. We had 14 riders, not bad for a holiday.
Lori, of ultra-reflective folding bike renown mentioned she'd found my blog and had been reading much of it... so *waves at Lori!* It's always nice to have more readers.
Marko jokingly noted I was consistently bringing up the rear and that I might be a little worn out from his hilly torture. Yes, I was pooped. I rode 40 miles today. I hadn't done more than 25 miles in a single day since my knee surgery. Maybe a Bike Nap would have helped?

It was a nice and uneventful ride around the city until this happened:

WARNING #1: use caution with your volume, the horn blasts are LOUD.


It felt good to be that tired and I slept hard with no more than a few warning twinges of impending cramping in my legs that never materialized, thankfully.

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