Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hanukkah ride

This was my first group ride, a menorah festooned bike parade set to trail behind the cars in the parade adorned with electric menorahs.

The small cluster I was following didn't actually know where they were going. We were at 5th and McKee, dodging buses intent on smearing us before I started to doubt his sense of direction. I asked him our destination and realized were blocks past our target and I led the two of them to the tent.

I was very glad to get out of 4 lane traffic and to see familiar faces, S and E. I also met a high school classmate of my hubby's, Yale.
Stu on his unicycle makes me smile. I got to see our mayor-elect fumble with the shamus.

Again, a hill got the better of me, more than once. At this point, the best technique to conquering them is to get in better shape, frankly. I need to will set aside time to actually train on hills and learn to love them. Just go up a hill, sail down it, reverse course and repeat instead of dawdling about lazily on the flat bits so much. As a result, my ass might will be the 20 pounds lighter it needs to be.

YTD miles: 460


  1. I wonder if something to read on gear selection patterns might be of help: http://type2-clydesdale.blogspot.com/2011/08/shifting-bicycle-gears-explained.html

  2. Thank you, Sensei. :)


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