Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike to Work Day!

I'd volunteered to help at the PNC Park Commuter Cafe hosted by BikePGH! I got a chance to meet Erok, BikePGH's advocacy director and fellow volunteer Dorothy. Another volunteer showed up later to bring coffee and it was Lauren, a former co-worker of mine! We spent much time catching up as it had been a few years since she left us.

We were warned that Pirates management might come out and shoo us away, but I debated that since Lauren is also a part-time Pirates employee (she's on the "Bucco Brigade" those that launch hot dogs and tee shirts into the crowd during inning breaks)... I'm a season ticket holder and Erok was wearing a Pirates cap. How could they possibly evict us? Thankfully, they never even came out to sniff around at the tent.

We spent the morning flagging down cyclists and I strong-armed a few into renewing or becoming members of BikePGH. There was coffee, fruit, sweetbreads and nutrition bars available. It was very enjoyable but the weather was very chilly. I did a lot of shivering and tried to keep moving. I recognized a few cyclists that stopped by. Marko came by and Paul B rode by just as we were breaking down the tent. The Sewickley Train rolled through right on time, with a passenger too! We had just enough leftover sweetbread that I was able to take a piece of zucchini bread back for lunch. Good stuff.

Feedback about the membership drive: 
"Thanks to you, we recruited over 70 new BikePGH members today and got some renewals too! This is a Bike to Work Day record, and perhaps a record for any single day event at BikePGH. WAY TO GO!

Have a great weekend : )

I had received in the mail just the day before a new 'Bike-to-Work' skirt. How convenient!
"This office-friendly pencil skirt converts into a cycling skirt when you unzip the two front godets – these panels allow for a wider range of motion and better coverage when on the saddle."
 It worked great and I was able to ride back to work and not waste time changing clothes, it'll even work great for the fancy dinner we're going to tonight, no changing clothes... all day long!
My ass is reflective! Bonus!

And now for some tweets and photos!

The Sewickey Train arrives!

Marko in the yellow vest, Erok in the Pirates cap, Lauren in the hoodie and me on the right.

(Cuteness alert!) I hope the kids aren't biking to work! 

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