Sunday, May 18, 2014

A weekend of Grand Openings (part 2)

Rode along the Montour Trail for the morning waiting for the groundbreaking of the work to be done on the Library Viaduct:

I stopped for a snack at My Big Fat Gyro and had some grape leaves which really hit the spot and as I was leaving, I saw someone riding a gorgeous green Rivendell with a double top tube. Surely that was Rusty! I had to haul ass to catch up with him. He was heading to the groundbreaking too. When we got there, we were far too early so he decided to show me the detour around the viaduct, which was great as I was reluctant to try and negotiate the roads by myself which aren't very well marked.

I took a spill trying to negotiate a hill and thought I had escaped unscathed but I have a nasty-looking scratch on my shin. It looks worse than it is. I didn't realise how steep the inside of the turn was and bailed the bike. The pedal must have fallen on my shin.

One day, when I get road rash, this won't look so bad to me!

I was very glad to learn the detour and see this important ceremony. 30 miles.

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  1. Sorry to hear you took a spill, but happy you came away almost unscathed. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend on the bike!


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