Friday, May 9, 2014

Mounting methods and vendor vexations

A better mounting technique

For some time, I've been assisting my (bad/weak) leg over the top bar to mount the bike by holding my leg with a free arm. I've been working on getting enough strength in that leg to mount the bike unassisted, without losing my balance and wrenching my hip as I've been doing with the assisted method. So far, so good. 
Maybe someday I can mount a non-mixte framed bike!


Continuing work on avoiding hypoglycemia blood sugar drops.

Mild Symptoms


Severe. Danger!
My conclusion thus-far is to avoid simple carbs; use complex carbs and only resort to small amounts the simple carbs when I start getting symptoms. Note to self: eating an entire ice cream cone is not a good idea when having symptoms.
If I'm going to go on long rides, this will take much experimentation with trial and error. The 'norm' that I'm used to that included 3 meals a day will have to be abandoned for many small snacks throughout the day. 

Strip Trail News:

"The Three Rivers Heritage Trail between 11th and 22nd Street in the Strip District will be closed for underground utility work through Fall 2014. Trail traffic will be detoured to Smallman Street during this time."

What a bunch of pansies!
The folks at CAPA made a little path and planted flowers for the shortcut to the parking lot... the one that cyclists get yelled at for using.

Vendor Vexation

I made a trip down to the Strip Friday morning for some dried figs and fresh fruit. I Normally lock to a sign post over near PennMac, but a flower vendor gives me grief for parking "too close" to his setup. So, I checked out a signpost on the other side of the street and found it wasn't bolted. I tried another one and started locking to it and a sunglasses street vendor started giving me flack too. "How long are you going to be here? Another vendor will set up here soon."

"Commuting?" vs "Going Camping?"

On the way back, a cyclist slowed down to talk with me, he asked if I was commuting and I answered "No, just running an errand." Funny how that's the question presented to me while riding in the city by those curious about the panniers versus the "Going camping?" questions along the rural trails.

Skirt scooting

Friday afternoon, I rode down to the Prison and discovered the skirt I was wearing liked to ride up considerably. Generally, my skirts are cooperative, but this one is just not meant for cycling. I thought I might be able to strip it off and just go in my bike shorts, something I've never done. While I was trying to find a discreet spot to take the skirt off and not create a riot at the prison... Sue rode up and we chatted for a bit. I got my Soupaneuring badge! W00t! Many thanks to her for hosting a fun challenge.

She said my helmet looks like a face from behind. It does.

Am I coming or going?

Just bike shorts: nixed notion

S told me it would be fine to strip the skirt off anywhere, that it was no big deal. I was still reluctant to go in just bike shorts. We parted ways and by the time I got back to the casino, I was tired of the skirt riding up and took it off while no one was around. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass at the casino and decided immediately that going out in just bike shorts is something I'll not ever be doing again.

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