Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saving snakes and McKeesport made

House hunting unexpectedness kept me off the Montour Trail today, so I decided to ride in the city instead.
While stopped for a swig of water at Point State Park, I heard a clatter behind me, and looked to see a cyclist whose entire crank arm had fallen off her bike. Well, hey... need some tools? I have tools! Her friend re-attached and tightened the nut with a pair of pliers I keep in my bag.

I'd planned for a long, warm day and brought lots of foodstuffs and water and ate carbs before riding. I did very well most of the day as far as energy levels and hydration, which lasted 7 hours all tolled.

On the way out to see how far on the GAP I could get, I saw that Costco has re-installed their bike racks. Not very important to me, but I know some folks would be pleased to see this.

I lunched at the Pump House and got a bit of a burn on my arms again sitting out in the sun.

 I noticed a rather large garter snake lying on the Steel Valley Trail.

I took a few shots of him and then proceeded to find a stick to coax him across the trail so he didn't get squished. We created a backup of about 10 cyclists in both directions while I pushed him over to the side he wanted to go. I was told I was doing a good deed to save such a large snake. I might have picked him up to speed the process, but I know from experience that garter snakes exude a stinky oil when threatened, so I opted for the stick method.

We're going beyond Kennywood today!

I made it all the way out to the McKeesport police station. A new distance record on the GAP!

I see the McKeesport Police like the bike lanes too.

Someone should ticket all these vehicles!

I saw Religious Icon Bike Guy on the way back, that's two Sundays in a row I've seen him. He didn't have any snarky remarks about my panniers today. The absence of port-o-potties along the Steel Valley Trail is distressing. I was forced to discreetly squat in the shrubs in Duquesne. Not happy about that. Not one bit at all.

I rested and snacked at the Waterfront and watched the river traffic.

Then I realised I needed to be in Oakland by 5:30 for dinner with Hubby. I would have to really crank it to be there on time. I've got to stop agreeing to have dinner after a day of riding. I rode like my ass was on fire along the EFT and Strip and up Polish Hill. By the time I got there, I was really thirsty and loopy and my knee was angry. Dammit, no more damn dinners after riding! I'm putting my foot down on this issue. I'm killing myself to avoid being late to appease my spouse.

After dinner, I limped back to the North Shore and mugged for the ESPN cameras for tonight's baseball game.

A very lovely day on many levels and 43.8 miles logged.

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