Thursday, May 1, 2014

My pannier runneth over!

This morning, I'd loaded the Monster and brought her into the office from the garage at home. I'd wrenched my back getting the 40-plus pound behemoth onto the rack. Great, just what I need!

I started out to the Strip for some produce, I was completely out of bananas. I need to eat at least one banana a day. Emergency banana run! I looked at the radar and decided it probably wouldn't rain, but I took my waterproof jacket and wore waterproof pants too.
Surprisingly, getting on Ruby loosened up the knotted muscles in my back.

I finally attached both my Chasing Mailboxes patches.

I wish I had brought the raincape, because as soon as I left it started pouring and didn't let up for a good 50 minutes. I bought 25 pounds of fruit and vegetables, the non-waterproof pannier was heavily-laden not only with food, but rainwater.

Yesterday, I saw Yale zipping down the trail near the office and I wondered if he would encounter hubby as he was due to arrive at the office any minute and he walks the trail, sure enough they ran into one another and Yale asked him when he was going to start riding with me. Hubby told him that my cycling was "Her time". Looks like I won't be getting him on a bike anytime soon.


Even my dog is hi-viz and reflective!

I'm getting very close to 1000 miles for the year. I should have it wrapped up later today.


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