Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cops got mad skillz n'at!

This week I'd found and dropped a few tags in Tag-o-Rama:

The Civil War memorial at Lake Elizabeth

A giant gear from the Cigar Factory

My knee was still occasionally angry from the ride on Sunday. It would be fine one minute and then impossible to walk on the next. Riding was fine, it made it feel better to ride slowly, actually. I tried to keep to the trails where I didn't have to do too much stopping and starting.
I rode one evening and saw a group ride assembling. I was resting at a nearby park when one of the group members rode by on his way there, he stopped to chat and asked if I was going with the group. That was a good question. Why wasn't I going? One member encouraged to me to go while another precluded me. There's a message in there somewhere. Duly noted.
A young man on a bike stopped me to ask if the Hot Metal Bridge's trail led to Downtown. He had just moved back to Pittsburgh after having left many years ago and was unfamiliar with the trails. I told him where the trail ended at First Ave and how nice and wide it was as opposed to the South Side trail. He asked if there was an easy way to get to Oakland and I didn't have an answer for him that was 'easy'. Afterwards, I kicked myself for not encouraging him to visit BikePGH where I could have pointed him to maps of the chute to Schenley Park. Dummy!

I came across some local police officers doing drills along the North Shore. They were practicing going down steps. They were also proficient in trackstanding on geared bikes, which I found remarkable... I saw officers from Ross and Mount Oliver. Only one crashed into the railing.

I watched them for some time, mesmerized by the skills.

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