Saturday, May 24, 2014

Turn Turn Turn

December 8th

May 24th
If I made a hasty decision, it was to forgo blogging while I'm going through a rough patch in my life. I enjoy it far too much to give it up, even temporarily. Much like cycling, it distracts me from the dark thoughts looming with my challenges and ordeals, which seem to be hitting from several directions.
My hiatus lasted all of a few days.

Ruby came home with me on Friday so I could ride with her on non-city trails this long weekend.
I left Saturday morning and told Hubby that I wouldn't be very long, that I was 'just going out for a quickie.' 
I love how a "quickie" today is a 25 mile ride.
5 months ago, 20 miles was a record for me.

Again, I took the roads from the house to the trailhead and it was angst-less, even with a fairly close pass from an Ohio-plated truck. I do believe I've grown a pair in regards to cycling in traffic.


My favorite Montour graffiti is still there.
December 8th

May 24th
When I stopped to take this picture, someone from a group a cyclists said and pointed to my bike: "I need one of those!" "One of what?""A bike bag, I can't stand this backpack." and she squirmed uncomfortably under a huge bag strapped to her back.
I warned her and her companions that once you get one, you fill it and need yet another bag.

I found a nice place to rest, snack and drink. I also found two 4-leafed clovers while I laid in the grass. The worst thing about this spot is that it's right next to a port-o-john. It may also be the best thing about this resting spot.
I was happy to have brought a large towel to act as a prophylactic buffer between me and the grass and the critters that lived in it. Lying in the grass is as close to camping as I'll get.

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