Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Selfies, Commuter Swarm and Saddle Nirvana.

The bike selfie. I tried capturing one of these the other day while no one else was around for me to injure when/if I crashed.


I roamed around downtown during the AM rush hour looking for a Stikman tile for Tag-O-Rama. I haven't picked one of those up in months.

The weather was pleasant enough that I could wear the blazer I wore to work and not sweat it all up. It's supposed to get much hotter soon so I took advantage of the moderate temps to look like a professional on a bike.

Bike commuters are everywhere!
I was pleased to feel normal again and pedal at my regular pace again having fully recovered from Sunday. I didn't feel 100% for much of Monday.

I also discovered saddle nirvana. I've been adjusting it in small increments trying to find a better position and height and not having much luck. I found it today!

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