Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ride of Silence

The ride was postponed, but roughly 15-20 of us decided to tough out the threat of thunderstorms and ride anyway. This was lead by Jim L whom I'd only met before on business-related matters and it was nice to speak with him in a more relaxed atmosphere. He provided black armbands and spoke before hand about those cyclists we'd lost in the past year.
The route was more-or-less a tour that passed by some of the places where cyclists were killed.
I noticed Dan Y of BikePGH showed up just as we were about to leave. I wanted to introduce myself...I'd been working with him via email on getting a bike rack at our office for a few months now and missed an opportunity to meet him on the day of the Pedal to the Pantry ride. I'd happened upon his group while walking in Bloomfield while they were assisting an elderly woman who'd fallen in the street. She was bloodied and they were calling an ambulance for her. I decided that wasn't a good time to say hello to him. I made a potential faux-pas by catching up to him at a light with on the ride and broke the Silence and said a quick hello and introduction. After the ride, Dan and I had a chance to chat and it was nice to finally meet such an amazing person after hearing so much about him and working with him.

The ride was uneventful and went smoothly save the mechanical problems Jim L was having with his bike. Not a drop of rain fell on us.
I neglected to take photos. *shrug*

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