Thursday, May 29, 2014

Packing in the groceries and bug shields

Today, I went on two grocery runs. The first was to the Strip before work for fruit and a stop at PennMac to check out the fancy imported Italian cookies I've recently developed a taste for. They're fairly low in sugar and don't have ingredients like hydrogenated things and high-fructosy crap. Oh, and they're delicious. I like to keep cookies, crackers, dried fruit and nuts in the bike feed bag.
On the second run, after work, I went out to the Giant Eagle at the Waterfront: a 25 mile round trip grocery run.
I discovered the Labyrinth near the PumpHouse. Neat. I sat on the benches overlooking it and had a few cookies and re-hydrated.
I locked my bike to a signpost at the Iggle and went in search of fancy things in the dried fruit arena. Cranberries, papaya, dates and wasabi peas caught my eye. I was back on the roads and heading past Sandcastle when I saw a woman riding towards me in a full pith helmet and beekeepers netting around her head. Whoa. Yes, the bugs *were* bad. This woman was serious about not getting bugs in her face. I called out a "That. is. AWESOME!" to her and she replied with a "It works!"
I wasn't doubting that one bit at all.

I, too, was sick of the damned bugs. I ate a few recently and wasn't very happy about it. Thick was still open and carries the bug-buffs. I decided a stop was in order.
Adam greeted me and said that they did have bug-buffs... and OMG, a PINK one to match my jersey. Right below the buffs were a pair of hi-viz PINK fingerless gloves. They're killing me, how am I going to save money for a new bike if I keep spending on stuff I MUST have?

I've achieved a new level of dorkness:

I feel like I should be holding up a bank. *snap* A really fabulous bank.
31 miles and lots of nice snacks for upcoming rides. Nom.


  1. does R.Red transition into Pink Panther?

    1. Well, I *am* old enough to be classified as a cougar, panther or puma!


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