Friday, March 21, 2014

Adventures in (buying) riding pants.

I am always looking for clothes that I can wear as work/street clothes as well as bike in. Bear in mind, when I decided to buy some Swiss-made Schoeller®-Dryskin fabric or softshell riding pants in late January, I had a 34 inch waist and weighed 137. By mid March, I had a 31.5 inch waist and weighed 132. I have to make things difficult.

Betabrand Bike To Work Knickers: Like 'em

On January 21st I decided to order a pair of Betabrand Bike To Work Knickers in size 34. The Knickers were a crowdfunded item and took a while to go into production.
The Betabrand Knickers arrived on March 11th, they are a bit roomy but fit well enough. I attribute that to a loss of 2.5 inches in my waist. Woe is me.
I love them right now as a waterproof windbreaking outer shell on cold days. They're very noisy when I walk, which makes them an odd choice for work. They have belt loops so I may have to use a belt with them to keep them in place.

Mission Workshop Division Chinos: Loser!

On February 17th I ordered a pair of Mission Workshop's Division Chinos in a size 34, because that's what my waist was measuring at and it only seemed logical that a pair of 34 pants would fit.
The Mission Workshop Chinos arrived on 2/25.
The Chinos were ginormous. They fell right off. I measured the waistband at 37 inches. I come to learn 'industry standards' allow for +/- two inches in either direction. Wow, OK. This was 3 inches though. I informed Mission Workshop they were not acceptable and shipped them back. They suggested I try a size 30 or 32. "Great, send me one of those." I was informed after having to contact them again after waiting over 2 weeks that they didn't have either of those sizes. I asked for a refund. The material was very nice though.
After making another 2 contacts to follow up with my "where's my refund?" request, I got a credit to my credit card a month later. Lousy customer service too!

Outlier Women's Daily Riding Pants: Winner!

With my money refunded for the Mission Chinos and being a size smaller, I was able to get the coveted Outlier Women's Daily Riding Pants. These were originally the pants that I had coveted; the ones that female cyclists raved about in reviews, but they were't available in the size I was at the time. Ordered 3/17, arrived on 3/20. Damn, that's fast.

I took them out of the box and tried them on after getting home from work. I fully expected to just try them on briefly before we went out to dinner, but they were so damn comfortable, I wore them to dinner. Unfortunately, they absorbed every molecule of curry in the air at the Indian restaurant we went to and still reek half a day later. FOOO! They don't make noise when I walk, which is very nice. Water beads up very well, this is perfect for a potentially wet ride tonight.

...attempt at a yoga pose in my new coveted pants.

I wore them for my AM ride, plan on wearing them all day at work and for a group ride tonight. Love them already.

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