Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Errandonnee-ful day

Errandonnee #5

... after an early ride before class.

Errandonnee #6


I had a CPR/Heimlich and defibrillator class. I've always wanted to take this class, I had put it off too long. I'd missed the past few for various reasons, and I was glad to make it to this one.... finally.

I'm now officially certified to perform CPR and use a defibrillator.
I hope these are skills that I never have to use.

Errandonnee #7

Bike shop
I stopped in at Thick to see if they could remedy my recently acquired sticky shifter disease. I also wanted them to re-adjust my saddle, I think the nose position was the cause of my discomfort and I wasn't able to undo the bolt attaching the saddle. Someone had tightened it with man-strength. When I brought the bike into the shop and started telling Christy about what I was hoping to have looked at, I heard a hissing and looked down to see my rear tire deflating. Good thing I was at a bike shop!

Errandonnee #8

Lunch (2)

Amazing cafe'

Errandonnee #9

Shop (2)
I made a quick stop at the Port Authority. I needed to get my own ConnectCard. I was constantly borrowing a card that belonged to my husband for the times I needed to use the T.
(Translation: a ConnectCard is a debit card for our public transit system. The 'T" is our Trolley/Light Rail Vehicle system that runs elevated, underground and even in a tunnel under the Allegheny river.)

Errandonnee #10


Again, I was sharing a card with by beloved. He endured picking up my copies of Daft Punk  and Dead Kennedys CDs for me for far too long. I needed to get my own library card. He told me of the strange looks he'd get from the hipster librarians who would look at the CDs he was picking up, comment about how cool that particular band was and then look at my husband in his suit and tie and get a very confused look on their faces.

Errandonnee #11

Bike shop (2)

I had to stop here to return tubes. I was given the wrong size. Twice.
Not only that, but this bike shop also appeared prominently in a Fracking Company's TV commercial. This bike shop is dead to me.

I was riding behind a couple who looked like they were on new Wal-Mart bikes. The rear tire of the girl's bike was almost flat. She needed air. I called out to her and asked if she wanted to use my pump. They were so happy and grateful to have some air.

I discovered Vannevar has a doppleganger. I encountered a man who was cycling in Chateau who looked just like him, but at about 5 yards, I realized it wasn't him. Uncanny. Of course, I had a big old "Nice to see you!" grin on my face as he approached. I ran into him again in the Strip later.... again, grinning like a twit.
I confused the heck out of the guy, I bet.

I also saw a young woman on a huge unicycle

 and here's the Bastille bike police patrol

40 miles, a new record.

I ran into Yale yet again. I think he recognized me this time. I missed Vannevar and Terry because I left the South Side probably just as they were getting there. I rode until after dark and by that time I was hungry and my hands were numb, but a great day of errands and adventures.

W00t! I got my 20K steps badge and might even get a 25K badge all in one day!

Also in the good news department: I'm tied for first place in the FatCyclist contest!

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