Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lots and lots of Errandonnee

Errandonnee #1 (Wildcard)
I set out to take care of something that I'd wanted to do for a long time. This was inspired by Mark Pomocki's work, I decided to try and find the exact spot this photo of Exposition Park was taken in 1913

The location is what was once called "Cemetery Hill" and what is now Community College of Allegheny County. I really hope CCAC isn't resting on hallowed ground and we have angry dead people below the parking lot!

Unfortunately, the hill is now lined in trees and my shot was ruined.

Errandonnee #2 (Wild card #2)

I went out to Hays to see the nesting bald eagles. The last time I was out there was Christmas Day, they estimate the 3 eggs that are now in the nest were conceived around December 25th. I did see some lovely aerial courtship displays that day.

The birders behind me were kind enough to point out the nest's exact location for me.

Errandonnee #3 (Shopping!)

On today's ride, I was experiencing yet more pants creepage. It was a new, maddening and physically irritating phenomenon. I tried scooting around in the saddle, stopping to adjust, sitting differently, but nothing worked.

I stopped at REI to use the bathrooms, and was drawn in by a clearance on chamois shorts... maybe that's what I needed to alleviate my issues. I've never owned a pair. I found a deeply discounted pair and was on the road before I realized I should have worn them out of the store. I wasn't going to go back, re-lock the bike... so I just dealt with my creepy drawers.

I encountered Yale on the Hot Metal bridge, and waved hello, but I don't think he recognized me in my dark jacket, face-covering hood and sunglasses (it was a bright, sun-drenched day).

Errandonnee #4 (Lunch!)

They were filming something in the Market

I had a nice chat with the owner of the bike with the killer
front rack parked behind me,
we wished each other a good ride.

Riding back to base I encountered throngs of teenage girls waiting at Stage AE for a concert. Just as I rode past, apparently, the young heartthrob fellow they were waiting to see poked his head out of the building and girls went absolutely ape. Squealing and screaming and climbing the fence, running out in front of me and moving cars to get at the fence, pushing the other girls out of the way, it was insanity! I and the other adults in the vicinity just laughed at the maniacal girls. What a sight.

I learned later with a quick Google that the kid they wanted to get at was Austin Mahone.

22 miles on a gorgeous day.

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