Friday, March 21, 2014

Flock Friday!

The day started out with a gorgeous sunrise.

 I left work a tad early to hit Conflict Kitchen before the Flock ride. I like Middle Eastern food. This month's country is Afghanistan. I got the Qorma-e Lubia. Nice and spicy. I could only eat half, so the rest rode around in the back basket, to be saved as a second meal.

Flock commences!

As we descended Pocusset, the city's new no-motor-vehicles road, we were travelling at 24-26 MPH. Whee! Then someone wiped out and slid on her face. She said she was OK at first, Paul asked for paper to stanch the bleeding... I'm glad I had a roll of TP with me for emergencies. Some point later she said she was woozy and Marcel took her to a urgent care center. I hope she's OK.

The boom box trailer
Terry and Mikhail 

Photo by JoyceW. I appear to be enjoying myself.

I'm ready to go! Photo by JoyceW

 Later when we arrived at Market Square, we filtered into Wingharts and Terry, Paul, JoanneP and RayP chatted while I enjoyed a whiskey. I realised I'd been there for some time and had to leave before my curfew*.

Whiskeys! Look at them all!

A wonderful time, 21 miles for the day. Bonus: I high-fived a complete stranger as we passed though downtown.

 * curfew instituted by the dogs' stomachs.

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