Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cranberry, Sewickley and Too Close

I spent the morning riding from Cranberry to Sewickley thanks to Vannevar. It's an area that hubby's strongly considering a move to, so this was especially interesting. It was peaceful and the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook that ran alongside the road were a very nice change of pace from my normal routes. I had a lovely time and good conversation and company along the way.
It was very cold and I used hand and toe warmers.
After we parted ways, I headed back to base with the bike on the back of the car and thought I still have life in the warmers, I should ride some more. I was hungry and decided to head to Double Wide for some seitan wings. I love seitan of all kinds. I make my own, but never wings, so this was a treat.

On the way there, this happened:

I was angry, but not DEFCON 1....More like:

 I noticed I was pedaling pretty fast after letting her have it.

I forget what an alien-like weirdo I look like when I'm riding in the cold.

Imagine this thing banging on your car's window, wanting to have a word with you.

I arrived at Double Wide in one piece...they have a nice bike corral there.

I decided I needed a drink after that bit of venom and ordered a drink I don't think I've had... ever... a shot of Jamison's. I mean, I'm an angry redhead in a bar the day before Saint Patrick's Day. I should be drinking Irish whiskey, yes?

Whiskey, chili and wings. Way to warm up!
Thoughts on whiskey:

I fully expected whiskey to kick my ass, but it was very smooth. I may come to like this stuff.

  • 25 miles on a brisk day. My thighs are barking at me.

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  1. Brilliant!
    Nobody messes with Red...especially a fortified Red.


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