Saturday, March 29, 2014

Antici..... pation!

There's so much anticipation in my life right now. I can hardly contain myself.
I'm still waiting for the Strip trail to open; the Ballpark is such a flurry of activity, I couldn't even roll through to see how the yard looked on Friday. I've been checking on the grass almost daily this week. It's been covered with tarp every time I've checked. I want so badly to see the colors on Opening Day: neon green of the field, the bright white of new baseball uniforms, the red white and blue of the bunting and the sea of black and gold baseball fans. I yearn for those crisp, bright colors after such a harsh, cold, grey winter.

My home away from home. Soon. Soon, I'll be inside.

Friday was a fantastic weather day. Everywhere I looked on my morning ride, there was a bike commuter. I was stopped at a light when another cyclist rolled up next to me. He greeted me enthusiastically and spoke of how wonderful the weather was. We smiled as we agreed that it was Spring that was upon us... finally ...and it was good. This interaction was special and unique to those on two wheels. You just don't get that sort of thing in a car. The complete stranger in the car next to you isn't going to roll down his window at 8AM and celebrate the arrival of Spring with you.

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