Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gawking at crashes and more Viking prep

On the Fort Pitt bridge, a morning rush hour incident left a truck on its side and a car smooshed by it. I travel this bridge frequently (both by car and the pedestrian path) so I was curious to see if the crash was cleared and went to gawk on my lunch hour bike ride.

A worker (nice outfit, buddy!) warns me that they're about to flip the truck back to its upright position and I should wait before proceeding in case it would tip over again.

Whenever I come across a scene like this, the empathetic part of me places me in the mind of the people involved. I ask myself, how would I react if a giant tanker truck tipped over onto my car? What would I do if it happened right in front of me? Would I get out and help the people trapped in their cars?

I wrapped up the final touches on my Viking Biking outfit.

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