Friday, March 7, 2014

Busch und Müller Toplight Permanent rear light

Being fond of my Busch und Müller headlamp, I decided to try one of their rear lights. This one was a large, permanently attached red LED light. This will alleviate the hassle of removing one more light every time I parked the bike. It's as wide as the rear rack. I like this.
There is a version available that automatically turns on when it's dark and the bike is moving and then turns off when the bike is idle. Those versions are called 'Senso' and 'Senso Multi'. I like to run mine in daylight so those versions aren't for me.
It attached easily to the rear rack with an adapter available at Peter White Cycles 
I needed to re-tighten the nuts with my best effort at 'man-strength' when they loosened after the first ride.

DOWNSIDE: You have to unscrew the reflector plate and
expose the delicate guts to perform a battery change.

There's 4 LEDs: 2 in the middle and 2 off to each side.
It's equivalent to 3 lights!
They're supposed to get 40 hours of battery life. I haven't run it that many hours yet.

UPDATE: 3/13/14

The screw holding the reflector plate came off and any attempt to screw it back in is useless as the backing threads are sheared out. I now have to keep the plate held on with tape or some other ramshackle device. I went with asparagus rubber bands. This makes the obsessive compulsive side of me twitch. I can't stand it. Rubber bands from the asparagus we bought last week? Ugh. It looks like crap.

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  1. Awesome. ps: translucent 1/4 inch zip ties. possible investment in ThreadLock.


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