Friday, March 7, 2014

Busch und Müller IXON IQ headlamp

One of my credos is "Don't be a dick". I try my best to live by it. When I learned there were bike headlamps available with a 'cutoff' so you don't blind oncoming cyclists and drivers, I perked up. This is one of those headlamps, made in Germany where it's Das Regel. All headlamps are required to have a cutoff aus Deutchland.
Bitte nicht blenden mich mit dem Fahrrad Scheinwerfer!

So, I found them at Peter White Cycles thanks to a discussion post at BikePGH!
I can carry recharged NiHMs with me, or...

...I can charge the NiMHs right in the lamp.

I bought one at first, but found that like many batteries, they hate the cold and they drained quickly in freezing weather. I found myself without a headlamp on dark rides twice. I bought a second one and made sure I would carry charged NiHM AA batteries as a backup.

Low setting, the beam on the left is from the lamp with drained batteries.

High setting, the beam on the left is from the lamp with drained batteries

Loaded fresh batteries into the left lamp.

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